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Quarterly Pest Prevention

Effective Pest Control For Cincinnati, OH Homes

When pests invade your Cincinnati home, they do more than cause damage or spread disease; they also steal your peace of mind. Knowing pests are in your house but not knowing the best way to get rid of them is a tough spot to be in, but with Nature Is My Office Pest Control, you don't need to spend another minute worrying about it.

Nature Is My Office Pest Control offers prevention treatments in Cincinnati, OH delivered by local experts who care about you and your family. Treating the exterior of your home with a specialized combination of products will eliminate active pests in and around your home while also protecting it from future pests. No matter how big or small, we can take care of all your home pest control needs.

All of our services and programs are either a one-time or are subscription based and are eligible to be canceled at any time with no obligation. For your convenience, we use a monthly billing system where you can set up automatic payments.

House in Suburb
Quarterly treatments of general pests: Starting at $49/month


During each ongoing service visit, a certified pest management specialist will:

  • Inspect and treat the exterior of your home for pest activity

  • Remove spider webs and eggs from around your home

  • Apply a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home

  • Treat all possible pest entry points (around doors, windows, etc.)

  • Check and refill rodent bait stations (if applicable)

  • Inspect miscellaneous areas (sheds, decks, mailboxes, etc.) and treat accordingly

  • Interior service as needed

Starting at $159 Initial

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