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Odor Control

This is an area that requires a lot of experience.


The first step is to try to identify the source of the odor.


After the source has been identified it may be as simple as removing it, (dead animal, fecal material, insect fecal material, dead bugs, rodents, etc.).


Sometimes it's not that simple. The source may be in a wall or an area that is NOT accessible or not economical to access.


The source of odors many times are due to high moisture conditions. The odors may be from molds and mildew. They are not only nasty smelling but can be a health problem. Our IICRC certified mold technician can inspect for mold.


We have many tools available to aid us in providing effective odor control. One of the products we utilize is an activated enzyme that will actually eat the odor-causing problem, even the hard ones, like pet urine.


Some times we can perform odor control and have immediate results, but other times it may take several days to completely eliminate the problem.


We have a lot of experience in this area and will provide you with an inspection/evaluation of the property. Design the proper method to control the odor in a timely and safe manner. Most important we will eliminate the odor.


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